2017 Annual Meeting Information

This year we are proud to announce that both the Brookhaven-Fieldstone Master HOA, as well as the Brookhaven HOA, have signed on with Omni Management Services. This means that all of our associations, including Fieldstone, are now managed by one management company, making communication and continuity quick and easy for all of our homeowners.

With this information in mind, we plan to hold the annual meetings for all three associations on the same day.

All 3 meetings will take place on November 9th as outlined below. The meetings will take place at Union Elementary as follows:

  • The Brookhaven-Fieldstone Master HOA: 6:30pm
  • Fieldstone HOA Annual Meeting : 7:15pm
  • Brookhaven HOA Annual Meeting: 7:15pm

Once the Brookhaven-Fieldstone Master HOA meeting has concluded, the other associations will split off to conduct separate annual meetings.


If you are unable to participate in the meeting we urge you to complete a proxy form for the association(s) to which you belong and email, fax, or mail the proxy back to Omni. These proxies are necessary for each community association to meet the established “quorum” or required number of homeowners to be present at a meeting in order to conduct business; such as voting for new board members and approving annual budgets. You can assign anyone to be your proxy (friend, family member, neighbor, etc.) or if you choose not to assign a specific person to be your proxy, your vote would be cast by the president of your association.

By now you should have received in the mail the same information included in this post, including proxy forms for both the Brookhaven and Brookhaven-Fieldstone meetings. For your convenience, we are also putting the information here and offering two more ways to exercise your vote via proxy.  You can use the links below to either download a the form as a PDF which you can fill out and return to Omni via email, fax, or mail or you can fill out a web form to assign the proxy agent of your choice.

NOTE: In order to access the PDF forms or the online web form you need to be logged in. And to login, you need to registered on this website. If you have not yet registered, you can register here.

The links below will take you to a page where you can download a PDF Proxy Form or fill out a web form to assign the Proxy agent of your choice. Remember, you must login to successfully access these pages:

Brookhaven Proxy Form – (this page is no longer active)

Brookhaven-Fieldstone Proxy Form – (this page is no longer active)

Please be aware it’s necessary for each association to meet quorum in order to move forward with the approval of the annual budget and voting for new board members. 

If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,
Stephanie King
Property Manager