Trash Service Transition Update

Hello Homeowners,

Here is an update on the transition from Republic to Rays:

  1. You should have all received a new garbage and recycle tote from Rays on Thursday Dec 13. It arrived 1 week earlier than we expected so apologies that this happened without advance notice.
  2. Omni will not issue any violations about keeping trash bins on driveways during this transition.
  3. The last date for Republic trucks to pick up your trash and recycling will be on Friday Dec 28, 2018. Republic will come back to pick up your empty trash and recycling totes later that same day.
  4. Our trash pick up day will remain Thursdays each week so the first date you should use the new Rays totes is Thursday Jan 3 by 7 am.

Please review the document links below for more information.

2019 Trash and Recycle ACH Payment Form

2019 Trash and Recycle Brookhaven

2019 Trash and Recycle Zionsville Calendar

Thank you!

Brookhaven Board of Directors